Kraftwerk offers a brand new solution to customise your tool trays/tool box drawer inlays, constructed from a black-red coloured PE cellular material.

InlayS for Mobilio Storage and kraftwerk tool boxes

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This solution is offered to customise inlays for your Mobilio Modular Storage Solutions and your Kraftwerk Tool Boxes. Simply define which Kraftwerk Tools you would like to have in each drawer inlay and contact us for more information and a quotation.

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The minimum order quantity is for 10 pieces, so this makes it an ideal solution if you have multiple workstations using the same tools at different locations. You can then ensure that no items are missing after each operation, and can customise exactly which tools are required at each workstation so you are not storing tools that do not get used.

Contact us for more information - we look forward to organising your workspaces.

In addition to full drawer trays, we can also produce individual trays that can be used for small tool kits (maybe a kit to give to customers when they buy a car, or as a great gift for customer loyalty - the possibilities are endless). Being able to customise a tool kit gives you so many options to improve efficiency and control your tools. We have options for storage of these trays, examples are below, from multiple trays to single units. Contact us with your ideas and we will see how we can make them a reality.

4900K Completo Tray Storage - takes one Completo/EVA3 tray

4900K Completo Tray Storage - takes one Completo/EVA3 tray

4900T Completo Storage Case (up to five trays)

4900T Completo Storage Case (up to five trays)

The video below shows how we plan and produce the customisable trays:

Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of Kraftwerk Tools. Each of our tools needs a perfect place to be stored. Therefore we developed our individual peeling cutter which makes it possible to produce the perfect storage shape for all of your Kraftwerk tools.

Technical Information about the PE cellular material

Maximum Length = 570mm

Maximum Width = 410mm

Depth = 35 mm

The trays can be cut to fit a full standard drawer (subject to the maximum size above) and also to the EVA3 size (three trays per standard drawer) with an approximate size of 394mm long x 168mm wide x 35mm deep.

Colour Top = Black 5 mm thick

Colour Bottom = Red 30 mm thick

We look forward to helping you, contact us for further information.